Women's Leadership Conference Workshop

Women’s Leadership Conference Workshop

My nonprofit organization consulting services include:

  • Working with organizations to develop and strategize innovative, long term solutions to complex social and environmental issues.
  • Advising and managing the growth and development of nonprofit and government organizations – including Board of Directors development, staff development, and program development.
  • Developing and directing unique, excellent community programs for organizations.
  • Strategizing and implementing community outreach and grassroots campaigns.
  • Developing and implementing innovative public policies.
  • Creating multi-disciplinary programs with diverse, inclusive participation.
  • Strategizing and managing political campaigns.
  • Cross-cultural communications.

Fields in which I work (often combined):

  • Environment / Conservation
  • Human Rights
  • Literature, Film, Performance & Visual Arts
  • Education
  • Government
  • Politics
  • Leadership
  • Health
  • Science

Interested in working with me?

Please get in touch to set-up an initial in-person meeting to discuss your needs, ideas, how you’d like to collaborate–and to determine that my expertise and style are the right fit for your organization. If you are located in another part of the U.S. or globe, we can meet via Google Hangout.

My rates are standard for nonprofit organization consultants, and vary based on the scope and length of the work and the resources needed to complete the assignment.

Contact me at or 310-869-5749.

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