Rosalind Helfand

Rosalind Helfand collaborates with nonprofits and the government to create innovative programs and policies, connect communities, inspire advocacy, and address complex local and global issues. She is adept at cross-cultural communication, multi-disciplinary endeavors, community engagement, organizational development, and planning for long term positive change. Rosalind works across multiple fields spanning human rights, arts and literature, education, and the environment.

Rosalind is responsible for co-founding and leading the development of such prestigious Southern California regional programs as the award-winning West Hollywood Book Fair and the West Hollywood Human Rights Speakers Series. She helped to develop the West Hollywood Women’s Leadership Conference as its Programming Director and USC’s Masters in International Public Policy & Management internship program. She’s facilitated organizational development for non-profits including the San Fernando Valley HIV & AIDS Care Providers Consortium, New Filmmakers Los Angeles, Red Hen Press, and West Hollywood College Preparatory School.

Over 15 years, Rosalind’s worked with organizations in fields from human rights, to environmental conservation, to arts and culture. She also managed several successful election campaigns for local officials, and worked on a number of successful environmental conservation campaigns. Rosalind is strongly focused on community, education, and grassroots organizing in all of her work. She was recently awarded the President’s Award for her work on reproductive justice issues by the Board President of the National Council of Jewish Women, Los Angeles.

Rosalind is currently developing innovative educational programs with New Filmmakers Los Angeles, and is a Co-founder and Curator of Lit Crawl L.A.: NoHo. She is Managing Editor and Curriculum Director on the team of the on-line literary journal and resource for middle and high school educators, Literature for Life. She is the Director of Sci-Fest LA’s and Light Bringer Project’s short story writing competitions. Rosalind is proud to be volunteering with the National Council of Jewish Women, Los Angeles on their Advocacy and Reproductive Justice Advocacy Committees and is an active member of the Planned Parenthood Los Angeles Young Professionals, as well.

In addition to consulting for organizations, Rosalind is a speaker and teacher. Her teaching experience spans the university, high school, and pre-school levels, for which she also developed original curricula.

An artist and performer in her spare time, Rosalind’s appeared with¬†SmartGals Productions,¬†SparkleBlob Productions, and others in exhibitions, performance art, and puppet shows. She’s produced exhibitions, film screening events, and performances.

Rosalind holds degrees in Environmental Studies: Law & Policy and Politics from the University of California, Santa Cruz, where she specialized in an in depth knowledge of the California Environmental Quality Act. Rosalind has completed additional studies in the arts and sciences, including creative writing, journalism, and field and museum studies in paleontology.

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Phone: 310-869-5749 Email: rozhelfand@gmail.com

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