ROSALIND HELFAND works with nonprofits and government to create and implement innovative programs and policies, connect communities, inspire advocacy, and address complex local and global issues. She is adept at cross-cultural communication, multi-disciplinary endeavors, community engagement, organizational development, and planning for long term positive change. Rosalind works across multiple fields spanning human rights, arts and literature, education, and the environment.

News | October 2016

Literature for Life Lit Journal Issue 4 Has Launched!

Illustration for the story "Jumping"! Story by Kosiso Ugwueze. Illustration by Cathleen Abalos.

Illustration for the story “Jumping”! Story by Kosiso Ugwueze. Illustration by Cathleen Abalos.

Literature for Life, the L.A. online literary journal featuring fabulous stories, poems, articles and more primarily by local authors and featuring local artists, too, has published our 4th li journal issue! Each piece includes original curriculum and we’re getting Lit for Life into local middle and high school classrooms! I’m the Managing Editor and Curriculum Director for this project! Read and learn more HERE!

Teaching a Civic Engagement Workshop at the Women’s Center for Creative Work on October 16

Workshop on Intersections of Feminism, Birding, and Community Engagement Models for Change!

Workshop on Intersections of Feminism, Birding, and Community Based Change! Photo by Rosalind Helfand.

The Women’s Center for Creative Work, or WCCW, is a nonprofit organization which cultivates LA’s Feminist Creative Communities and Practices. Their fall 2016 programming is focused on Civic Engagement, and I’m pleased to be teaching the following workshop (I’ll post details on how to sign up later this month, and you can learn about the WCCW HERE):

Feminism, Birding & Unexpected Models for Community Based Change
Bring your binoculars, notebooks, and cameras!

Bring your binoculars, notebooks, and cameras to this active workshop exploring the feminist origins of popular birding in the U.S. and the impact of birding, in turn, on how we civically engage to enact change.

We’ll start at the WCCW with a little history and then head out to the LA River where we’ll walk, observe, and periodically stop and talk about unexpected models for community based change, beginning with the relationship between the simple act of enjoying birds and the environmental conservation movement, and including contemporary examples from across Los Angeles.

Participants will be encouraged to develop their own ideas for unexpected civic engagement projects and outline plans to make them a reality by the end of the workshop. They’ll also, hopefully, have a great record of birds sighted along the way!

Op-Ed on the Hyde Amendment Published in The Jewish Journal

Unequal Access to Abortion Map published by

Unequal Access to Abortion Map published by

I recently published an op-ed in The Jewish Journal about the devastating effects of the Hyde Amendment, language added to federal appropriations bills each year, that bans all federal entities and services from including abortion care in their health coverage. This includes coverage for low income women, women in the military, women in Peace Corps, federal employees, Native American women, and many more. It’s time to end the Hyde Amendment and support the EACH Woman Act that will counter it.

To learn more, read my op-ed HERE.

Insect Puppets Video Featured on Gothtober

Carpenter Bee! Photo by Rosalind Helfand.

Carpenter Bee! Photo by Rosalind Helfand.

Gothtober is the fabulous online Halloween countdown calendar that features original artworks and videos, one for each day of October, every year. It’s a project of the L.A. arts collective, SparkleBlob. This year, I submitted a video of felt board puppet play with images of insects and other creatures for Day 5 of the calendar. The photos used for the puppets were all taken by me. The video is fun and odd…and fun! You can view it HERE. See more Gothtober HERE! Happy Halloween and enjoy!