ROSALIND HELFAND works with nonprofits and government to create and implement innovative programs and policies, connect communities, inspire advocacy, and address complex local and global issues. She is adept at cross-cultural communication, multi-disciplinary endeavors, community engagement, organizational development, and planning for long term positive change. Rosalind works across multiple fields spanning human rights, arts and literature, education, and the environment.

News | February 2018

Environmental Conservation Themed Science Fiction Writing Prize Open to LA County High School Students – Submissions Due February 26

Actor Jasika Nicole  reads at The Tomorrow Prize 2017 - photo by Rosalind Helfand

Actor Jasika Nicole reads at The Tomorrow Prize 2017 – photo by Rosalind Helfand

The Tomorrow Prize for short science fiction by an LA County high school student has partnered with the Los Angeles Audubon Society to present a special new prize: The Green Feather Award. The winner will receive $250 and a one year membership to the LA Audubon.

The Green Feather Award recognizes an outstanding science fiction short story by a teen author (or team of authors) that centers on overcoming today’s environmental challenges. Strong entries will highlight the importance of ecology and biodiversity in some way, and writers are encouraged to emphasize the local ecology, geography, culture, and environmental concerns of Southern California. Writers are also encourage to include themes of social and environmental justice.

Light Bringer Project and Sci-Fest L.A. present The Tomorrow Prize, a science fiction writing competition designed to identify and nurture the up-and-coming science fiction writing talent of Los Angeles. I am once again directing The Tomorrow Prize. Submissions for The Tomorrow Prize close on February 26, 2018.

Science fiction is a uniquely inspiring medium that has enabled many of our great thinkers and scientists to imagine the heights and limits of human achievement, leading to important moral and ethical debate, long range planning for humanity, and scientific innovation. Writers are encouraged to explore scientific, social, technological, environmental, and philosophical themes in their writing and always, at the core, to master the art of great storytelling. Dramatic readings by celebrity guests and awards presentations for The Tomorrow Prize and The Roswell Award 2018 will take place at LitFest Pasadena the weekend of May 19-20, 2018.

To learn more, submit work, or become a sponsor go HERE.

Gearing Up for the Third Annual Citizen Science for Conservation in Southern California Symposium (CSCSCS) on March 24, 2018

Great Egret at El Dorado Nature Center in Long Beach, CA - photo by Rosalind Helfand

Great Egret at El Dorado Nature Center in Long Beach, CA – photo by Rosalind Helfand

The Citizen Science for Conservation in Southern California Symposium is accepting applications to present. The symposium is an excellent opportunity for scientists and volunteers to come together to share information and connect for ongoing conservation efforts. Last year, I had the honor of presenting on Citizen Science as Community Service, and I look forward to once again gathering a group of high school students to volunteer for the symposium. Through citizen science, students learn biodiversity and conservation principles in a setting that is social and supportive while still demanding rigor and attention to detail. Students will interact with scientists who are on the cutting edge of conservation work in the urban environment.

To learn more about the symposium, register and apply to present, go HERE.

Signing on Educators to Teach Literature for Life Stories in 2018

Illustration by Jimi Martinez for "In Transit."

Illustration by Jimi Martinez for “In Transit.”

Literature for Life is an online literary journal and resource for high school educators featuring contemporary stories, poetry, essays, articles, and art primarily by local authors and artists. We write original curriculum to accompany each piece. Our curriculum is hands on and teaches critical thinking and writing skills. We invite high school educators to teach Literature for Life material, and will arrange for our authors and artists to guest speak in classrooms. If you’re interested in participating, email me at

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