ROSALIND HELFAND works with nonprofits and government to create and implement innovative programs and policies, connect communities, inspire advocacy, and address complex local and global issues. She is adept at cross-cultural communication, multi-disciplinary endeavors, community engagement, organizational development, and planning for long term positive change. Rosalind works across multiple fields spanning human rights, arts and literature, education, and the environment.

News | November 2017

Chairing Environmental Justice Program with the National Council of Jewish Women, Los Angeles

Environmental Justice

NCJWLA is known for its initiatives serving the community, particularly social justice for women, children, and families. Recognizing the disproportionate impact of environmental pollution and climate change on some communities over others in Southern California, which greatly impacts the health and safety of families, NCJWLA’s Advocacy Committee has resolved to support legislation protecting our environment and host its first Environmental Justice event in December.

I’m chairing the team organizing the Environmental Justice program to be held on December 7, 2017 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm at NCJWLA – 543 N Fairfax Ave. We are partnering with environmental justice and conservation organizations to educate our community on how to be allies and take action to support the work of these organizations, who are fighting for environmental and social justice for local communities every day.

Co-sponsors include:

* California State Assemblymember Cristina Garcia
* Black Women for Wellness
* California Environmental Justice Alliance
* California League of Conservation Voters
* Center for Biological Diversity
* Heal the Bay
* Healthy Active Streets
* LA Forward
* Physicians for Social Responsibility – Los Angeles

Speakers include:

* Martha Dina Argüello, Executive Director, Physicians for Social Responsibility – Los Angeles
* Strela Cervas, Statewide Organizing Director, California Environmental Justice Alliance and CEJA Action
* Monique López, Social Justice Planner & Policy Advocate
And more to be announced!

Learn more about NCJWLA HERE.

Chairing Reproductive Justice Program with the National Council of Jewish Women, Los Angeles



For the fourth year, I am leading organizing efforts with NCJWLA to recognize the anniversary of the landmark Roe v Wade decision in favor of a woman’s right to an abortion. Last year, the “Rally to Save Roe” drew over 500 people and we partnered with dozens of reproductive justice organizations in Los Angeles and beyond. The night included an on the spot advocacy training for 200 people and led to many individual and organizational partnerships in the resistance to the 45th president and the anti-health, anti-woman, and anti-environment congressional and local leaders who currently hold power. These partnerships span Los Angeles, the state, and the nation.

In January 2018, we will mark the 45th anniversary of Roe v Wade. We are once again partnering on a large scale for this event, and will once again connect people with how to take direct and immediate action to protect and increase abortion access nationwide. Stay tuned for updates. Learn more about NCJWLA HERE.

Literature for Life Issue 5 Launched — Signing on Educators to Teach Stories in 2017-18

Illustration by Jimi Martinez for "In Transit."

Illustration by Jimi Martinez for “In Transit.”

Literature for Life is thrilled to announce the launch of the fifth issue of our literary journal featuring original stories, essays, poems, and articles, as well as original artwork and curriculum for each piece! We are signing on middle and high school educators to teach Literature for Life material. We provide contemporary, mostly local literature of all genres, and opportunities to invite the writers and artists to speak with students in the classroom. If you’re interested in participating, email me at

Read Issue 5 and past issues HERE.

The Tomorrow Prize and The Roswell Award for Short Science Fiction – Submissions are Open

Tomorrow Prize 2017

Light Bringer Project and Sci-Fest L.A. present The Tomorrow Prize and The Roswell Award, two science fiction writing competitions designed to identify and nurture the up-and-coming science fiction writing talent of Los Angeles and worldwide. I am once again directing these competitions and submissions open Monday, October 2, 2017.

Science fiction is a uniquely inspiring medium that has enabled many of our great thinkers and scientists to imagine the heights and limits of human achievement, leading to important moral and ethical debate, long range planning for humanity, and scientific innovation. Writers are encouraged to explore scientific, social, technological, environmental, and philosophical themes in their writing and always, at the core, to master the art of great storytelling. Dramatic readings by celebrity guests and awards presentations for The Tomorrow Prize and The Roswell Award 2018 will take place at LitFest Pasadena the weekend of May 19-20, 2018.

To learn more, submit work, or become a sponsor go HERE.